Jimmy @Plumpton Park Zoo looking for Love 💕


Cheryl Lacovara
Director Plumpton Park Zoo
Plumpton Park Zoo is looking for help. We have a 22yr old male Reticulated Giraffe. There are less than 8,700 Reticulated giraffe left in the wild. We have the opportunity to bring in a female to begin a breeding program to save this beautiful species. Because of Jimmie’s age, we need to do this now. We are a registered 501 ©(3). Any assistance is tax deductible. We are looking for companies that can sponsor this project. The entire cost to bring a female in with purchase, transport and insurance will be close to 100k. The zoo started fundraising last year. We have raised close to 25k just in our community. It is a great start but we need to reach our goal now. We have just finished a state of the art Giraffe Conservation Center. It is a 40×80 area for the giraffe with radiant floor heating. With the donations from our community, we built a 500k building with a 200k budget. We have a classroom attached with a new commissary. There are many animal lovers and conservationists out there. This project hits on both. If your company is interested, please contact the Zoo Director, Cheryl Lacovara at Cheryl.ppz@gmail.com.

We can send photos of our new facility.


1416 Telegraph Rd. Rising Sun, MD 21911

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